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Why Is A Sports Bra The Number One Fit Kit For Active Women?

by Ally N 17 Nov 2021

Planning on hitting a gym? Must have been in a rush to get things ready, your gadgets, shoes, the diet preparations, trendy workout clothes, and whatnot. To make sure the most important thing, did you get the right sports bra for the workout sessions?

A women's sports bras are the most important accessories to wear during a workout, but underestimating their utility is a common mistake that women tend to make.

In Fact breast, health, and workout impacts on breasts were not even topics to talk about till early 2000. People were more concerned about shoes than breasts since there have been over thousands of researches that took place on overshoes, but only 6 for breast health!

Workout undoubtedly affects breast health deeply and under many conditions such as extreme temperatures, rough movements, and humidity. To understand it in a better way, breasts are composed of glandular tissues and fat that vary from person to person and are supported by facia tissue, also known as Cooper’s Ligament and after that, Skin. These are sensitive tissues, though they are built to bear a particular amount of pressure but can be damaged under repetitive or excessive pressure and movement. In these cases, tissues can get stretched too much, as a result, your breasts will look saggy and loose, to be said in simpler words. No matter what many creams or therapies may advertise, you cannot restore them naturally in any way.

There are certain recent researches conducted, that show the breast movements during different workouts. For instance, while running your breasts can move in every direction up to 15cm, whereas, in daily routine activities even during normal paced walks, breasts do not move more than 9 cm in any direction. These continuous movements and pressure can have adverse effects on breasts, causing serious irreparable injuries including pain and in certain cases may cause dysfunctions or boundation of movements. It is extremely important to protect and cover your breasts during workouts, especially in high workout sessions.

Now the question arises, what makes a sports bra so special than a regular bra? The answer is easy, “ better support”. Sports bras are designed to support your breasts, of different sizes, during workouts and high-intensity training. They are constructed in a way to keep your muscles and breast tissues in place and secure them from any possible injury.

Now since there are diverse sizes, so are the needs and designs for the bras. You get majorly three types of sports bras, compressed, encapsulated, and fusion.

  • Compressed bras are suitable for small cup sizes. They are designed to compress the mass and keep your tissues in place, securing them from movements and jumps. Most of the support is extended through the elasticity and fabric nature of the bra.
  • Encapsulated on the other hand are provided with pads to support heavier cup sizes. Since the weight and mass increase, breasts require better support, and that is extended through the special pads. This way they secure them from any outer injuries as well.
  • Combining both of these features, fusion bras are a mixture of these designs, most comfortable for the larger cup sizes. The bras provide pads as well as fabric compression to push the mass in place, compressing the breasts and restricting their movement. The double support provides the best protection through the fabric design and pad securing them from all the injuries.

To choose the best, you must look for the exact size and test its support during trials. Look if it is supportive and shock absorbing. Do not fall for the fact “better the tighter” that’s not at all true. You need to determine the right support and comfort, do not buy one if it feels too suffocating, which can lead to injuries as well. The easiest way is to measure your size, know under which category you fall, and choose the fitness sports bra for you.

I guess now you don’t have any doubts regarding your need for a sports bra. You are now perfectly geared up!

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