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10 Workout Outfits For Women That'll Absolutely Motivate You

by Ally N 24 Nov 2021

Gym can be a really intimidating place and requires a lot of confidence and motivation. Maintaining a routine and following the sessions can be hard, but a perfect look and flaunted body curves can motivate you more than anything. 

Ladies’ workout clothing sets do a lot more than general clothes, but also boost your confidence in the gym. You look at yourself in high waist yoga pants and a sports bra, complimenting your body postures always makes you feel good about yourself. 

The question may arise, how to maintain the most perfect and motivating outfit daily? So here are 10 workout outfits for women that never let you get offbeat!

1.Bras Could Do Too Much! 

Bras always have something more than you think, that’s why they are my personal favorite. Pair a bra with yoga pants or joggers with a jacket on. It gives you the look as if you have paired a crop top with a jacket that we do very often on a casual day. This helps you with quite a comfort, as well keeps on a little abdomen show, complimenting your fit to hustle hard mood!

2.Crop It!

Semi-fit or fit crop tops, with or without hoody, always rocks. There’s so much you can do with a simple cute little piece of cloth that makes it so cool. Pair it with high waist joggers or leggings, with minimalistic abdomen show. It goes with almost every form of workout, never falls out of trend, and who doesn't like these little cuties. You also get options to look more sporty with a hooded one, or edgier with fit ones.

3.Black Rules It All!

You must have done it to your regular outfits when you needed a classy yet casual look, and can’t think of anything better. Wear all black. Be it a cord set, or something paired up with another, the black outfit can pull off any look. Counting cons, it always looks great, savs you up when out of ideas, buying black fits always provides you options for pairing them with one or another color. 

4.A Shade Lighter!

Another rocking colour combination with activewear can be a shade lighter with the dark one. Most of the time in such pairings you may choose a grey and black combination, but this can also work with every other colour. Try to put the darker shade on the upper part, and the lower must go with a lighter one of the same or probably similar shade. 

5.The Crazy Patterns

Though I always avoid wearing too bold or big patterns, a little craze could be carried around. Wear patterned leggings with basic crop tops or preferably a black or dark-shaded sports bra. Such looks are better mixed up with a short little upper than a hoodie or sweatshirt. You can throw a jacket over it, but you need to keep your first layer of basic colour and short pieces such as black or brown or olive green. Choose the pattern color accordingly too. 

6.Make It Wild!

Animal prints are always crazy cool. Be it a hot croc print or you go stripped as a zebra, the wild always make a mark. It can be a little too dramatic sometimes for a workout session, but who doesn't like attention. It can be a cord set or mixed up with basic colour. The prints look great with racerbacks or striped back bras, making it even hotter. 

7.The Most Versatile Piece!

It’s tough to find an activewear piece that does not fit with leggings. Put a loose hoodie on or a fit crop top, mix it in a cord set or wear individual pieces with it. Leggings give a dozen options to pull off with their versatility. Adding a single piece can change your wardrobe idea and bring out so many more outfit ideas. 

8.Color Blocks/ Tie-Dye

Wearing the crazy color blocks may look a bit bold, but is a perfect Monday head start for your workout week. You can take a single piece of it or the whole cord set. Talking about cords, tie-dyes are one of the most trendy prints you can have in your closet or carry to the gym. They bring out a light mood, for a Zumba session or cardio day. 

9.Talk Through It!

Outfits printed with motivational quotes or even something that you can’t figure out the meaning of are a great option too. Generally, you get a tank top, hoodie, or sweatshirt of this sort, relating it to a more funky look. Though can be pulled off with a sporty and active essence, try a round neck sleeveless crop top with skin fit leggings.


Adding straps adds more. A simple bra can change to more with added racerbacks or back straps to it, also it is one of the most popular looks right now. Even with leggings, you can take it with net patches, torn-offs, or strappy straps!


Whether you are a lifting fanatic, a yogi, or a working woman, you know that the right high impact sportswear makes all the difference between how you feel during your sweat. Enhance your workout sessions with our best activewear collection at SCHAAD and give your wardrobe a new look.

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