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Funky Gym Wear, Fitness Clothing & Active-wear

by Ally N 23 Aug 2022

Funky gym wear, it's such an interesting topic because usually it's like everybody is running after stylish looks, following the trends rather than creating one's own trend & style. Is dressing up similar to following a protocol or wearing a uniform?


If we talk about sportswear outfits for ladies can't we bring a change? Can't we create our own style? Can't we be funky at times? Can’t we match t-shirts with longer sleeves with womens snake print leggings & move to the gym or go for a walk or running session or exercise session at home? There's a lot that can be there in your mind.


Health is Wealth

Well fitness is a hot topic these days, especially after and during Corona. Everybody wants to be fit and healthy irrespective of caste, creed and age. Be it our country or most of the countries in the world, all have started practicing yoga. Especially after knowing how yoga which originated in the great country India works on mind, body and soul.


Get motivated and be happy with funky clothing

Fun sports wear and colorful clothing can actually motivate you to workout and make you feel good. It will certainly be a good change completely different from the boring usual routine to bring some excitement and fun to your life. And what is the ultimate goal of life? It is to be happy and funky ways of clothing can actually do that. It is always good to experiment, be it cooking or clothing or work.

For your athletic collection, think prints. You can say hello to leopard print, snake prints in bright neon colors, vibrant hues, and stylish patterns. We at SCHAAD offers you various stylish products & combinations like leopard prints in leggings with plain fabric. You can say no to boring routine colors like pastel colors and gray and black and try vibrant colors and new styles.

One can try a tank top or a Papillon top or a designer sports bra with a pair of leggings. Or t shirts with longer sleeves with sweatpants.


Environment Friendly approach

One thing which is significant which should be kept in mind while going for any purchases is; is it going to harm the environment or will it be environment friendly? Our first preference should be going for clothing made up of completely organic fabric.

We can always prefer recycled products. Let us help the environment while working out. Though it is our duty to keep in mind the carbon footprints in whatever we do on a day to day basis. Let us make the world a better place to live not only for us but all other creatures & the coming generations. Planting a tree every birthday & taking care of it so that it grows well is one of the best gifts which we can give to nature. As whatever products we use throughout life needs a lot of resources. So planting trees is a nice way to pay back.


Combine comfort with funky clothing

Comfort is always most important so while choosing fun clothing for your workout please don't forget to check the comfort level. It will always add to your workout, uplift the mood and make you more satisfied.



Enjoy & relish your workout with a new approach in the clothes you choose for the workout. Go funky and create your own style statement which surely will be followed by the rest of the crowd.

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