What Are Sports Leggings?

Sports leggings are one of the best inventions for sports & fitness enthusiast women. This bottom wear is generally made of Recycled Polyester & Spandex and offers super comfort during gyming, running, yoga and any high impact activities. The resistance and compression features of these active fit shaping tights reduce wind resistance, lower your energy consumption, and allow you to move faster. You will enjoy your workout as these sports leggings not just help make you highly comfortable but also give a mesmerizing look to you.

How To Wash Sports Leggings?

You have spent money on new sports leggings and now want to take the best care of them in every possible way. There are some factors to consider when it comes to washing your sports leggings, so here are the tips for keeping your workout leggings smell fresh and clean.

Follow these tips, to look amazing in sports leggings and yoga pants:

1. Allow used sports leggings & yoga pants to air after use

2. Do not use too much detergent

3. Use a cold & gentle washing style

4. Never use fabric softener

5. Maintain their technical qualities like compression level, size & body shaping qualities.

What Are Sports Leggings Made Of?

When it comes to choosing the best workout clothes, the very first thing you should consider is fabric. A fabric which keeps you cool and dry during active sessions is a must for sports leggings. Mainly, moisture management and breathability are the two key factors to focus on.

Let’s take a deep dive to understand the fabric used while making sports leggings.

1. Polyester: Polyester known for its durability and wrinkle-resistant properties. It also retains moisture properly, so you won’t feel weird when sweating.

2. Nylon: Brilliant recovery property of Nylon allows it to go to its original shape after stretching. Sports leggings online made using nylon fabric are soft, stretchy, and allow you to move freely while exercising.

3. Spandex: Spandex leggings that anyone would enjoy wearing while exercising. This material can stretch to be eight times longer than its original size, which is why it’s considered as a great material for comfortable and unrestricted movement when exercising.