Yoga Socks: For Ease and Comfortability

Yoga socks are important because they provide comfort, and the grip allows you to move freely without fear of slippage. To make your life just a teeny bit easier, SCHAAD offers the best comfy and grip-bottom non-slip yoga socks for every occasion. Our yoga socks are made with 85% cotton, 17% spandex, 3% elastic and can be machine washed, & keep your feet comfortable throughout any exercise. 

Environmentally friendly, soft, moisture-wicking materials allow your feet to breathe, eliminate twisting during movements, are secure and comfortable. Best yoga socks provide a barrier between your feet and the floor, mat, or equipment, protecting them from dirt and germs. 

Whatever poses of yoga you practice, our best grip yoga socks keep your feet and toes in the proper position.  

Our activewear accessories help you avoid slipping during yoga practice. These also keep your feet warm during yoga practice and help absorb sweat. These yoga socks help you spread your toes easier, which aids with your balance. It can also assist with building strength in your feet and toes while stretching in your yoga class. Grip yoga socks provide extra grip and can protect you from fungus and bacteria during sweaty workout sessions.