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5 Common Gym Clothing Mistakes Women Are Making

by Ally N 13 Nov 2021

Choosing what to wear at the gym is not an easy task, you are prone to an awkward mishap if you don’t take care of some basic points. Almost every woman has an embarrassing story about how her clothes at the gym betrayed her. It’s nothing to be ashamed of though, they are some basic mistakes we make while picking up our sportswear women's clothing. You can’t learn something without making mistakes, that’s the way!

Though another way is to read, research and learn about others' mistakes, and take your notes from it. And that’s the reason why we are here!

We will talk about some common gym wear mistakes women commit, and their easy solutions. Roll down bud!

1.Your Comfortable Can Be Too Comfortable For The Gym!

When we say your workout clothes must be comfortable, you might take it at the words. Undoubtedly you must choose what’s comfortable, but you also need to take care of what form you may exercise. Loose pajamas, tank-tops, baggy bottoms and heavy uppers may work for a five-minute workout session, a walk, or a small home workout. But you can’t rely on them for a high-intensity weight lifting session or a pilates hour at the gym.

There are a number of disadvantages to this, be it minding your appearance at the gym or being prone to a muscular injury. Your workout outfit is decided based on your workout session needs. You need to provide your muscles with the support they require while working out. You must choose specialty fits, that support your muscles, allow your sweat to dry, eventually boosting your recovery during workout and saving you from possible injuries.

2.Oops! You Chose The Wrong Fabric

While picking up any activewear piece, we make a major mistake if we don’t take care of the fabric we used. Minding the comfort, often women choose cotton and similar fabrics, you can’t be more wrong with that choice dear! NEVER pick cotton and fabrics similar to it. No doubt cotton is the most comfortable option to wear for a daily, casual outfit, but is surely a disaster if used in activewear.

Cotton has a very low ability to soak any liquid that applies to sweat. It does not soak or let your sweat dry, leaving you with a wet, greasy, and uncomforting feeling. This can affect your stamina or motivation while working out, it also hurdles your mid-workout recovery.

Instead of choosing cotton, you must look for fabrics with high sweat-wicking properties. For e.g. you may choose spandex, nylon, their mixtures, or similar fabrics.

3.Not too loose does not mean too tight!

Looking at the disadvantages of loose workout clothes, one may end up confusing between fit and tight clothes. If loose fits may hurdle your workout, that does not say the tighter the better. You have to find the exact size for yourself, that must be fit not bounding.

Tight sportswear can cause pain in certain body parts such as the chest, shoulder, and back. Other effects can be breathing difficulties and many other health issues. Along with that, it prevents you from moving freely and hinders muscle growth. This can be harmful to your recovery, does not provide desired workout results or may lead to more health issues.

The solution is to find your perfect size that fits and provides support. You may find it difficult while shopping online to determine your exact size. It’s easy to manage through it, measure your sizes, look at the size chart and order the one with the exact size. Brands may have differences in size charts, you can always get your answers in the description and company sizing policies.

4.Know your body while picking the outfit

When we say it should fit, we mean in every way. There can be clashes between your comfort and the trend, do not ever drop comfort for anything.

Don’t pick styles that do not suit your body just because of peer pressure to cope with the trend. For instance, if you have a bulky lower portion, avoid low waist pants at the gym. This may make you too uncomfortable while working out. Similarly, small breasts do not require encapsulated bras, you can work fine with compression bras. Encapsulated bras can make you feel suffocating, and may end breathability for breasts.

Know your body and its needs, know what makes you comfortable and what may be too much for your body. You look best when you feel comfortable in your skin and clothes, you do not need to follow any fashion norms. You may make one by yourself for sure!

5.Stop Loading Up Accessories!

In one statement, the gym is not the place for accessories! Imagine yourself lifting weights with statement earrings! It does not go with the gym vibe, nor is it very safe to wear them while working out.

Carrying too many accessories can just not damage your favorite pieces but can cause injuries to you as well. You can gear up with gym accessories if you feel too dull. Try smartwatches, waistbands, or accessories that add to it. You may carry simple armbands, a hairband, or ties, but don’t go too fancy. Avoid wearing expensive pieces as well, it’s safer for your regular rings and chains to wait in your bag than being on the floor with dumbbells.

These were some of the most common mistakes women commit, and may not even recognize. Since now you know where you went wrong, we guess it’s easy for you now to decide your next fitness gym wear. Noting some easy and basic points will make it very easy for you to stay updated with your workout wardrobe, without missing the technicalities of it. You are all set to rock the gym floor!

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