About Us

fitness clothing and activewear


For us, joy and happiness are more than just words. They represent a lifestyle….. the way we see the world and the way we interact within it. The Schaad concept is a life of meaning in everything we do and accomplish. This is why we offer our activewear for all body types.  In short, Schaad is a lifestyle movement that you will be proud to wear anywhere and know that you are adding to joy and happiness everywhere.

Wear Schaad and experience the joyfulness of being the best version of you that the Persian culture has come to represent for thousands of years.

Schaad’s guiding principle is to offer quality products that are environmentally friendly.  The Schaad activewear line will inspire joy, happiness, and confidence in every move empowering all women in all capacities.


As owner and visionary, Ally is fiercely independent, believes in giving back to the community, and is driven to make sure that she fulfills her personal mission, which is to make everyone feel good about their body and themselves. Ally loves fitness, nature and seeing the beauty in all things. Join her and help her bring the love of Persian culture and high end activewear into your life as well.