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What Sportswear Style Says About Your Personality?

by Ally N 13 Jan 2022

We can deny it on moral grounds, but clothes you wear speak about you a lot, and one can know a little about you. What we are, is combinedly defined with so many little things that you don’t even put so much thought into. Like what ice-cream do you like, how you make your coffee, how you like your hair or how you get ready for workout, everything says something or another about you. Every detail, from how tight your top is, to what pattern you wear, how you coordinate your clothes with accessories and what color you wear on which occasion. 

Let’s talk about how your workout clothes talk about you - 

1. All Black 

As decisive and serious the color is, black lovers can have the same or similar qualities. Since it is quite an obvious and easy choice to take it for a 9-5 schedule or a workout fit, the color shows more decisive nature. They don’t really wonder about other things around them but focus specifically more on their job. They might be streamlining themselves through the different roles they play in their different characters. 

You are dealing with a tough human, focused and prepared for an intense workout session, wearing black is more like wearing your armor. More like a declaration you are ready to receive whatever comes through your way. 

2. The Bold The Color, The Bold You 

Bold patterned fitness leggings for women generally come with a warning of “you might get too much attention”. Anyone who owns them surely does not fear that, people with bold patterns and colors are more affirmative, assured and filled with confidence and self-charm. They don’t fear catching an eye or being the center of the conversation, they own themselves. 

With bold color cord sets and printed workout wear you own your body, because you will be the one owning it with all attention. You are assured with your workout patterns and routines. Another thing that is associated with bright shades is that the brighter the color, the happier your heart is. 

3. New Trend, New You!

To try new things in life, one needs an open mind and courage. Sticking up to the new trends, be it ladies running tops or new workout hot pants, you are up to try it. The behavior can signify a number of things, but most importantly, that you need novelty and are not afraid of adopting what's new and leaving old things back. 

This can also be a sign of your attraction to newer, more common things and have commitment issues. It attracts you if masses show interest and approve it, and lacks discipline to follow your own pattern, or individuality. You lack a sense of self confidence, or a well defined sense of what you actually are. 

The pattern of switching to new, tells that you aren’t very committed and disciplined to your workout routine, you are committed to what masses approve and are on to. 

4. The Same Old Tee Lover

We have seen people with old tees and sweats in the gym, and one thing for sure we know, they don’t care if we are looking at them. People with old tees and sweats, or with least maintenance, are there for fun and have no interest in impressing anyone. Their workout patterns are not too strict or on schedule, they don’t aim on any particular goal but enjoy working out in a casual sense. Such people are more about themselves and their ease, they don’t bother to impress others or care about what others will think, see or get an image of. 

Here are some very basic fits and some facts that help you select your outfit to let people know the real you, or have a little sneak peek at your gym buddy’s unsaid behavioral traits!

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