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How High-Performance Sportswear Improves Your Overall Performance And Recovery?

by Ally N 22 Jan 2022

You ever wondered why generally sports wear is so specific with the fit and flexibility? With every size the fit remains the same, in the majority of designs and patterns. You can go for mesh and net and so many other designs in the sportswear collection, but what would remain the same is the fit of your activewear. Why so? 

Like every other gear, sportswear has to be very specific to the activity and body needs with specific muscle movements. As much as the workout is about diet and exercise, it is also affected by the gears and clothes you wear. This is why sports people are assigned to a particular jersey strictly and are not allowed to flout the code of conduct.

From a smallest wrist band to shoes, the whole outfit is designed in a way that it fits the body needs for the activities and safeguard the body from injuries. 

But how exactly do they affect your performance? Here’s some points that may help you understand it. 


1. Concentration

You must have worn loose cotton t-shirts and sweatpants for a workout and regretted afterwards with all soaked up in sweat. These outfits may make you look cool but actually are a huge misfit for the purpose. Cotton is no doubt the most comfortable fabric for casual wear but does not suit high intensity workout activities, as it lacks the sweat-wicking property. Cotton t-shirts do not let your sweat dry instead make you feel wet, lethargic and weigh down. This directly affects your concentration and performance. To avoid the possible injuries and remain concentrated, you need the right clothes that fit you and your needs right. 


2. Comfort 

Every outfit has different special features, pick anything from women’s clothing & accessories but what remains the same and prior is comfort.  In case of gym wear and sportswear you can take the risk of discomfort or anything else than the right fabric, size and fit. Physical activities require special fabrics that are flexible and allow you to move as much as you require. Also these are designed to fit in with body sweat and high intensity workout muscle support. If there’s a single thing that lacks from any of these, it can cause severe discomfort while activity and possibly after exercise too. Too tight clothes can turn into body aches whereas too loose can leave your muscles and tissues loose for injuries. Thus to move freely and save your body during intense workout you need high intensity workout clothes. 


3. Utility 

Every fit has its own purpose, for eg, you may like turtle necks a lot but in extreme warm weather you can’t stand wearing one. Similarly you may like sweats a lot but a high intensity workout can be properly achieved with its full results with those cute pairs. High intensity workout requires muscle support to achieve their desired results and go through mid-workout recovery. This support is extended by high performance workout clothes as they are specifically designed for such activities where muscles require support. You also need to determine the kind of workout clothes or sports wear according to the activity. For e.g. , if you need a leg day outfit, you have to opt for supported shorts to let your thigh get the space they need while pumping up. That’s a serious requirement of the muscle. 


4. Preparation 

Our clothes have different and serious impacts on our mind and body. While they provide cover, comfort and support to the body, mentally they assure us for our safety and preparation for anything that we are on board for. Thus every profession has its own uniform, you need to prepare your mind before you get on the conference table for your appropriate look and impact on people in front of you. In the same manner you get ready when you get ready with your sportswear, all appropriate and suitable for the activity, your mind is assured with safety and preparation of yourself thus stimulates better confidence and improved performance on the floor or in the field.  


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