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5 Questions To Ask Before Buying Activewear Accessories

by Ally N 08 Jan 2022

Accessories are always a nice add-on to the outfit. They are just not another decorative or cool thing but most of them have specific utilities. The little cute hair bands you put on or the little hair clips you put on, everything has something important to mark their presence. This gets more true when it comes to activewear accessories.

Workout clothes and accessories are designed in a specific manner to fit in for special utilities. While you embrace yourself in those cute yoga pants, they do a lot more than just make you look good. Every outfit and accessory you have in your wardrobe makes a difference in your workout performance, mid-workout recovery, comfort, muscle support, and more. This benefits you to perform better and get better results, it can affect you adversely as well. To avoid these adverse effects, you need to know how to choose your workout fits and accessories in the right way. 

Here are major 5 questions that you need to ask before you buy your workout outfit-


1. Is It Comfortable? 

Comfort is the topmost priority of every outfit you carry, even your casual day-to-day outfit. When it comes to workout outfits you have to be extra careful with comfort because that little uneasy dress can turn into a serious injury. The workout requires the comfort of movement, stretches, sweat-wicking properties, free blood flow, and freedom for specific muscles when they get pumped up. Too tight, too loose, or a wet outfit can make you uncomfortable which can turn into a distraction, lethargic feeling, injury, or a gym mishap. Before going to the cash counter with your pretty workout fit, check if it’s comfortable, sets you free enough to move, suits your routine, and has the perfect fabric. 


2. Is It The Right Size?

Workout accessories or clothes do not mean extremely tight. It is the biggest myth that if it’s activewear it means to be tight. There’s a fine line between tight and skin fit, this thin line can make a great change. Extremely tight clothes can affect your blood circulation, may result in body pain, and for sure hurdles muscle training. Other than these, you can end up in a horrible situation as extremely fit sizes are prone to get torn while excessive stretching. Avoiding a tight size does not mean loose will work. Loose clothes do not promote sweat-wicking properties, do not support muscles while heavy training, and make you prone to injuries. Get the exact size that fits you right enough to let you move and provide comfort and support. 


3. Is It Right For The Need?

As I said it earlier, activewear clothes and accessories are for a particular need and fulfill a place. That’s an important factor to determine before you buy the piece. For example, if you need fits for weightlifting you can’t go for sweats, you will need supported clothes. On other hand for a brisk walk or low-intensity workout during winters, sweats will be the best choice to keep yourself warm and going. To decide if it’s the right choice, first know the specifications of your workout pattern, and your body requirements in it. Once you know your body needs, and what meets them the best, you are set to choose the cutest one in the category from your sportswear store


4. Is It The Right Fabric?

Since accessories and clothes you wear for a workout have to deal with a lot of sweating and wet skin, they are designed in a way that does not irritate your skin but fits in right. Fabrics like cotton may seem to be super comfortable for a casual outfit, but for workout activities, it can be a disaster. Look for fabrics similar to spandex and polyester, since they have great sweat-wicking properties and keep you dry and comfortable during the workout. 


5. Is It The Right Color?

Every place you go has a certain mood and that is needed to be reflected in the fits you carry to the place. Gym and sports surely have a hyper-energetic and motivating mood, but it also consists of discipline and dedication. Such places require more subtle and intense colors, more basic patterns. Wearing lots of brights and bold patterns won’t be a great option. Even if you want to carry a bright color, try to balance it with a darker and more basic shade as the base of the outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a bright red or neon green for the crop top, pair it with dark grey yoga pants or high waist leggings. 


With all these answers right, you are all set for hitting the floor!

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