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The Health Benefits Of Yoga

by Ally N 10 Aug 2021

Sanskrit, the Indo-European language of the Vedas, has given birth to yoga skills. Yoga has its roots in oral traditions which are more than a physical workout. It is an excellent spiritual science about personal development and self-realization. With the help of Yoga we can gain several health benefits through different body poses.

The goal of yoga is to develop the strength, consciousness, and harmony of the body and mind. It is observed that yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Yoga is a natural stress reliever, reduces blood pressure, and makes breathing easy. Regular yoga practice may give people relief from chronic health conditions, including asthma, and heart disease.

Many practitioners additionally use active wear to enhance their overall performance at some stage in yoga sessions. You can also elevate your performance with SCHAAD’s best non-slip yoga socks, pants, leggings and tops. Our activewear compresses parts of your body while you practice yoga and this compression enhances your yoga performance by increasing blood flow to and from your limbs, therefore keeping your muscles oxygenated and working better.

Besides this, not many of us fully understand the physical and psychological benefits that yoga brings to us. To see a timeline of how it can be beneficial for your body and mind, keep scrolling to see the amazing things that can happen after you start doing yoga.

1.Yoga Makes You More Flexible

An increase in flexibility is the first most apparent benefit of Yoga. It stretches your body muscles, which can help you exercise even better and reduce stiffness and  allows your body to move in all ranges of motion. The memory developed by your muscles through regular yoga practice will tell your body that you have been in this particular position before and you can go even further in that position. In a study, it is proved that participants improved their flexibility by up to 40% after only a few weeks of yoga practice. Poses like Ashtanga are very physical to improve muscle tone and flexibility.

2.Yoga Uplifts Your Emotional Health and Relieves Stress

Any kind of exercise can improve your mood by reducing stress hormones but yoga has some further ben­efits. It can affect mood by increasing the level of a chemical in the brain called Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), which helps in improving mood and reducing anxiety. Several small studies have shown that yoga can help in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In many cases yoga is used as a complementary treatment to reduce unwanted memory and emotional arousal.

3.Yoga Makes You Relax And Helps Sleep Better

Many studies have shown that yoga can improve sleep in various groups of people. These studies generally focus on sleep quality rather than sleep quantity. We all know that sleep disorders are common among human beings all around the world. For them, yoga can reduce stress and improve their mental health, which can help them with sleeping difficulties. People who wish to practice yoga before bedtime, slower and restorative types are more suitable for them like Hatha Yoga or Viparita Karani

 4.Yoga Gives You a Healthy Heart

From pumping blood around the body to providing essential nutrients to tissues is an important part of overall heart health. Yoga will boost the health of your heart by increasing blood circulation in your body. Moreover, It can help by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar levels, and heart rate which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Remember, maintaining your stress level is also important to improve your heart health. Various yoga poses can relax you and reduce stress levels which can make your heart healthier. 

5.Yoga Improves Your Bones

New research on yoga shows that it can unexpectedly prevent bone fractures and helps to prevent osteoporosis, a bone thinning disease. Exercise can also treat patients with osteoporosis, but some movements can increase the risk of fractures. Yoga can reverse or stop the weakening of the bones that come with age, which is relatively new thinking in the medical world. Yoga can improve your body balance and flexibility as well, which means you are less likely to fall and fracture your bone and if in case you do so, your agility may save you from falling.

Let's Get Started With Yoga Today

An open mind is key to practicing yoga through which you can stay in shape throughout your life. Yoga helps you in raising your children, controlling your dog, carrying your groceries, and even working in the garden. It can also help in relieving back pain and muscle damage, and give you confidence and self-esteem. This is all about learning to pay attention and as you deepen your practice over the years, you begin to see physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Yoga lovers have already understood the importance of wearing fitness clothing & activewear while practicing yoga. And if you are also a yoga freak person then SCHAAD Active has a vast variety of active wears that give you the right balance of comfort, breathability and flexibility.

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