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Places To Wear Activewear Other Than The Gym

by Ally N 11 Oct 2021

Since comfort is always the best style, activewear is always a look that can be carried without any hesitation. Wearing yoga pants to the office is now a trend since people prefer health and comfort over formal outfits. To cope up with that, big brands started to make changes in their signature products to make them more flexible, and comfortable, but couldn’t compete with sweatpants yet. This is a new wave to normalize fitness clothing and activewear outside the gym. Sweatshirts, yoga pants, cute biker shorts and insulation jackets are totally worn from brunch to lunch dates, colleges, even in offices as well.

Here are some places you can wear your favorite activewear from your wardrobe!


Activewear is the best outfit to carry while you are traveling. Be it a road trip, or flight or train journeys, sweatpants and sweatshirts or cord sets and ladies gray hoodies are a popular choice to wear while on the journey, the more comfortable, the cooler. 10 points for the comfort it provides you on a journey, along with maintaining the journey feel, for instance, with tank tops, sweatpants give you a quiet traveller vibe. You can also pair up yoga pants with loose hoodies or insulation jackets for the go. They can work with your random adventures while on a road trip, yoga pants and hoodies will be great partners for a random hill exploration in between.


You don’t need to get all dressed up for picking up laundry, or grocery shopping, a pair of sweats will do it better than any other outfit, keeping you cool and comfortable. For rainy days, you can carry insulation jackets with waterproof fabric, to keep yourself warm and dry while running errands. For a sunny day, you must prefer a pair of yoga pants and a semi-fitted tank top, allowing you to resist sweat-soaking and provide breathability in the hot climate. Shorts with a t-shirts with longer sleeves will make a cute way to cover up your chores for the day.

3.Casual Brunch Dates

A loose sweatshirt and baggy jeans, paired up with a pair of sneakers will be no less than a perfect fit for a brunch date. Brunch dates can be pulled off with an aesthetic yet casual outfit, what else would appeal to you more on a Sunday morning? Maybe a tank top and leggings, along with stilettos will be a nice fusion of two styles, will neither make you feel “just got out of bed”, nor “too dressed for a Sunday morning”. Another option could be a hoodie and sweatpants, with an overcoat and a pair of boots adding on the aesthetic factor.


Though some don’t really appreciate the idea of casual sweatpants in college, justifying it with a “lazy, just came out of bed” look, too inactive to study, but wearing athleisure is pretty common for colleges and schools. Luxury activewear can satisfy the ones with complaints as well. Sweatshirts are a pretty popular choice with baggy jeans, straight jeans, yoga pants, jackets, and so many other things. Adding on sneakers, insulation jackets with regular t-shirts, and ripped jeans can be a very breezy yet not too lazy outfit. Winter sessions can be attended with a hoodie and sweatpant cords, along with sneakers and a boxer jacket. Hoodies and sneakers together can be paired with different jeans and layers, just like insulation t-shirts.


Sounds too much? Try pairing up a sweatshirt, with jeans and an overcoat, with neutral colours for your next “in office outfit”. A while before even Vogue came with a midriff crop top, with leggings or jeans, and high heel boots and a jacket won’t go wrong for an official drinks evening. A scarf and a long coat will well justify a pair of leggings, branded yoga pants, or sweatshirts. Cross strap bra tops with leggings and a pair of boots will be a good fit for your dinner date as well. Until and unless you make it totally “just after the gym” look, it can always be a nice suit for any occasion.

There are some golden rules to keep in mind while you use sportswear outfits at other places than a gym, stick to neutrals and muted prints more often, always fuse with current trends, keep a check on accessories and keep up with the occasion. Taa Daa! You are ready to wear your activewear anywhere without strange stares while being comfortable and fashionable at the same time!

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