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7 Activewear Wardrobe Essentials for Women

by Ally N 12 Apr 2022

Did you know that women are more likely to go out and exercise once they have a fantastic workout wardrobe? For so long, women had to settle for functional but plain attire when going out to exercise. In recent years, numerous fashionable and functional activewear brands have come up. Here are seven activewear wardrobe essentials every woman should have.

 1. Sports Bra

The sports bra is the holy grail of activewear. A fitness sports bra is crucial for any intense workout. Choosing a sports bra that doesn't fit properly can lead to breast tissue damage and even backaches.

When selecting a sports bra, you first need to look at the size range of your bra and the intensity of the workout. The following are the three types of sports bras.

  • Compression Bra: This bra compresses breasts against the chest. It is perfect for smaller breast sizes.
  • Encapsulation Bra: It is pretty similar to an everyday bra. It works well for medium to large breasts, and it firmly lifts the breasts.
  • Combination Bra: This bra combines the properties of the compression and encapsulation bra.

2. Leggings

Leggings are crucial for any wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable, versatile, and flexible.


Leggings will hug your muscles flawlessly, enabling you to move around smoothly. The high waistband provides excellent support around the tummy.


Leggings are breathable and quickly wick moisture. Leggings will therefore keep you dry as you sweat during workouts.

3. Trainers

Finding the proper footwear for a training session can be challenging with so many shoes on the market. It's advisable to have different footwear for each workout. Wearing the wrong type of trainer for a workout session can result in injury.


Daily trainers are an excellent choice if you plan to do minimal to moderate exercises. If you're a fan of cardio, racing flats or lightweight trainers will suit you. These shoes are specially designed to cushion your feet.


4. Wicking Tops

Wicking tops are an excellent choice for the summer season. They work well with sports bras and leggings. They are ultra-light, and their fiber helps prevent the feeling of overheating.


A loose t-shirt is also an affordable alternative. It's comfortable and provides the necessary breathability for a training session.

5. Insulating Jackets

During cold months it's essential to layer up if you plan to exercise outdoors. Insulating jackets are made of thermal materials to keep you warm even if the weather is freezing. Ensure that the jacket is reflective for low light visibility during outdoor workouts like early mornings or evenings. The jacket also needs to be made up of water-resistant fabric.

Here's one tip for you if your goal is to lose weight. Wear an insulating jacket when also exercising indoors. Wearing an insulating jacket indoors will mean that you will generate more sweat and therefore lose more weight.


6. White T-shirt 

Sweat can change your mood and energy level during workouts. A moisture-wicking t-shirt that will dry quickly is a good investment.

Moisture-wicking t-shirts work by pulling sweat to their top layer. When sweat is pulled to the top layer, the cloth will not stick to your body. Moreover, less perspiration means that there will be reduced body odor due to the absence of a damp environment.


White t-shirts are great because of their flexibility. You can wear them to the gym or when you go for a hike, or even when you want to dress casually for work.


A quick-dry t-shirt will reduce the wait time between outdoor activity and a slightly formal event such as lunch. You won't have to wait for sweat to dry off before heading to the next event.


7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses also protect the eyes. Polarized sunglasses are the way to go if you enjoy outdoor workout sessions. Polarized sports sunglasses help protect the eyes from harmful solar rays. They filter light, thus reducing glare and boosting comfort. 


More customizable sunglasses with different frames that match different faces are being designed. The great advantage of sunglasses is that you can wear them during workouts and even during visits to tropical locations.


One of the worst nightmares anyone can have is running into their crush while coming from a sweaty workout. A good pair of sunglasses can help disguise your sweaty state. For any woman looking to expand their activewear wardrobe, the key pieces are a sports bra, top rated running leggings, trainers, wicking tops, insulating jackets, t-shirts, and sunglasses. With these essentials, you will not only work out safely, but you will have more energy as you work out.

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