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5 Must-Have Activewear for Women

by Ally N 08 Oct 2021

Workouts are considered to have no scope for fashion, as clothes are meant to be worn while workouts tend to be more focused on safety. There was not much fusion of protection and fashion in activewear till now, but we have got some life-saving ideas to keep your workout time safe, comfortable and trendy! Here are some ideas for your workout routine outfit, 5 must-have activewear to keep you fit for the workout.

1.because sports bras are best friends

Workouts can be very very rough without bras, there are certain complications that one may have to face without proper fit sports bras, like sagging, pain and tissue loss. There are three types of bras preferred the most, compression, encapsulated and fusion bras.

Compression bras - These are best suited for small breasts, these bras push or compress breasts to the chest wall protecting them from jerks and jumps.

Encapsulated bras - Similar to regular bras, are the ones with a structure that helps you hold your breasts in place, best suited for large sizes.

Fusion bras - These are the combination of compression and encapsulated bras, best suited for the largest sizes due to ultimate support and stability. These bras are often provided with light pads, removable mostly, and different styles such as strapped, racerbacks, t-back and narrow as well as broad steps, suitable according to your workout and body type.

workout sports bra

2.major top trends

Tank tops, full-sleeved uppers and crop tops, these three are some major types of trendy yet breathable uppers.

Tank tops - the tops are an evergreen choice in all age categories, these are semi-fitted tops that give you an active look and breathability.

Full sleeved - tops can be categorized as full-sleeved crop tops and full-sleeved pullovers. Full sleeved crop tops are a major recent trend, there have been various designs popular among fitness geeks, midriff floss, thumb holes, built-in bras, strapped backs and more. They are skin fit but with fabrics that provide breathability to the skin.

Crop tops - They are again a major attraction within fitness geeks, also preferred for abs training especially. There's a major difference between broad stepped bras and crop tops, both may look similar but the major difference is that crop tops do not provide support, particularly to the breast area, although they can support muscle while weight lifting and heavy workout sessions. Crop tops are available with different sleeves, backs and midriff flosses. Choose the one you feel comfortable with.

activewear tank tops

3.Insulating Jackets Are Fun!

During cold months, you may require something to cover you up, keep you warm and prevent frequent cooling down of muscle during a workout. Insulating jackets are mainly made up of fabric similar to that of raincoats, to keep you warm and some may experience more sweat that helps better detox the skin. These lightweight uppers are suggested to be worn on yoga pants and if not working out, they go well with skin fit jeans as well, giving you a casual look. There are two major types of these jackets, with and without hoodies. You can pick your own style.

4.Jeggings Or Yoga Pants?

Skin fits yoga pants, or loose jeggings, the choice is tough. But they have their own benefits attached to them, with fabrics, workout intensity and personal choice.

Tank tops, full-sleeved uppers and crop tops, these three are some major types of trendy yet breathable uppers.

Yoga Pant- By their name, they tell us their preferred workout. Since these are super stretchy, and perfectly fit the skin, it moves along with it. It gives you room to move the way you want, and stretch to your comfort. They are best for muscle support, also don't soak your sweat and keep you dry. Style-wise the pants give a fitty look, complimenting your body, majorly styled with crop tops, tank tops, long sleeve shirts & tops, insulation jackets, but most importantly with anything that you like.

yoga pants

Jeggings - On the other hand, jeggings are loose, made up of thicker fabric, not that stretchy but are super comfy. Jeggings are more suitable for low-intensity workouts, casually paired up with loose cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, insulation jackets and tops. You can wear them while jogging, casual walks, and workouts that don't make you sweat because these sometimes tend to make you sweat and more, lack of proper fabric, can make you feel wet and uncomfortable. A crop top, an insulation jacket and joggers can be a fun look for your next workout!

fitness clothing and activewear

5.You Might Not Know, But You Need It….

We emphasize our shoes and, and how they go with the outfit, but we forget about a very very important accessory, SOCKS! You may think it’s not that important to know what socks you need and go with anyone you get, but it is a really important thing to pay attention to. Especially while you perform yoga, you need stability and balance while stretching and posing. Your regular or compression socks may make you slip during these, causing serious injuries. That’s the reason yoga socks are a must-have, these come with grips that help you maintain your balance. Also, they are made up of a breathable fabric, preventing soaking sweat. Naah they don’t look boring! Yoga socks are available in cute colours and prints, even the grips are quite cute as well!

Fusing trends with activewear apparel may not seem too easy but you can always achieve a fine styled look from these must-haves. Also, when there’s no style in anything, you can make your own with us! Explore a wide range of women's high impact sports wear at SCHAAD Active.

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