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5 Features To Look For In Workout Clothing

by Ally N 25 Oct 2021

While choosing activewear, do you always get confused between what to prefer over what, fashion or comfort?  

Well, your confusion is totally valid, since there are so many options, some are too trendy, with midriff floss crop tops, designer sports bra, textured yoga pants, ladies gym bottoms, torn off joggers, there’s so much in the trend. On the other hand, there are evergreen loose t-shirts and loose sweatpants for the ultimate comfort. Sometimes yoga pants are too tight, while loose t-shirts can be too boring to carry to a Zumba session! 

Relax! Here’s your guide to tell you what should not be compromised while choosing activewear. Check it out!

1. Don’t Bound Yourself

Workout is meant to be an activity that pushes your limits, makes you set new boundaries. Since flexibility is one of the many parameters of fitness, you can’t compromise that in your activewear apparel. This is one of the most important things in your workout clothes, how much they set you free to move.

When you buy an outfit, try it once to check that it does not restrict you, it must be fit, yet stretchy to give you space and move with your body. Look for fabric like lycra, polyester, gore-tex and more, that list stretchy as their basic nature. These fabrics are majorly used to make activewear.

2. Look, Stay Cool

Every single form of workout requires stamina and motivation for completing it. While you need proper nutrition for gaining stamina, your clothes contribute to it too!

Your stamina is directly linked to how energetic you feel along with how energetic you actually are. When you are dripping in sweat, with clothes all soaked into, and sticking to your body, you automatically feel gross and lethargic. The uncomfort and wetness make you lose the motivation to continue your workout. This directly affects what will be the outcomes of the workout.

To not get lethargic in the middle of a workout, check on your outfit if it provides your skin breathability and allows your sweat to dry away fast. The fabric should not be thick enough to soak it all, there are special fabrics that allow you to stay cool and active all workout long. Some may bluff you with similar booking fabrics, but the truth is that the fabric has to be treated while dying with certain chemicals. On the other hand, if the weather is cold, you will require warmer clothes. In such a case, a cord set of sweatpants and sweatshirt will do. A loose t-shirt or a ladies gray hoodie might work as well. Too thin fabric may make cold and cool down your muscles too fast during the workout, lowering its impact. These are insulation wears that allow sweat to dry but keep you warm. Know the fabric, know your body type, and then choose. You must check if you are buying the correct one.

3. Comfort Could Not Be Compromised

There’s a general notion that activewear apparel is always skin fit. This leads to confusion between too tight and comfortable fit. These clothes are meant to be as fit to support your muscles and compliment your body, not something that can’t even let you breathe!  

Pick the size and category that fits you enough to provide support, protection and suits with your workout form. Don’t let yourself be fooled by any general notion carried out by the mass public. Always have a trial to determine these factors if you are buying it offline. If it was shopped online, look for return and refund policies to save yourself from getting stuck with an unwanted clothing piece.

Comfort Could Not Be Compromised

4. Is It Even An Activewear Without This?

One of the most important factors of activewear, such as sports bras, is that they support your body and muscles, they protect you from possible injuries. I wonder if there’s any use of such a bra that does not support your breasts. 

To make sure that it works properly you need to be sure about what kind of bra you exactly need. Measure your size, look for the category you fall in and choose the one appropriate for you. If you have a small cup size, compressed bras will do the best for you, if you have a large chest, go for encapsulated bras. If you can’t find your choice in between these two or you have a larger cup size, you must choose fusion bras that are encapsulated and compressed. Safety is the most important thing in any sport and its gears, you need to keep a check on it always! 

5. Know the need

You can’t wear sweatpants and a loose t-shirt to a hardcore strength training session, but it can do or a jog or a brisk walk in an early morning routine. Every single piece of cloth has its utility, you need to know which part will go in which slot of the puzzle.

Let me make it easy for you, high intensity workouts require a light, fit, stretchy and breathable fabric that allows you to function and keep your stamina up during high-intensity workouts. You can set yoga pants and a sports bra for a yoga session as well as for a long run. If it’s a jog or low-intensity workout, you can go with semi-fit tank tops and joggers, attire that is not too uptight, or specialized for any workout.

There are special gym tops for ladies and jeggings for special training that provide support to the particular muscle you target on the day. In such cases do not ever choose any other piece of cloth than the one you require.

Whatever you pick for your next workout session, keep in mind these few points. Since the fashion industry is looking towards activewear now and coming up with new trends and styles, women racerback tank tops, jeggings with net patches, sports bra and jeggings cord sets and more. I promise you won’t have to compromise with your fashion sense while keeping up with the necessity.

Comfort and confidence always go hand in hand. It’s when you feel comfortable in an attire, you find confidence in it. Similarly, when you look good to yourself, you feel confident and comfortable in the look. These both things bring out the best in you, every time on every occasion. Always choose the one that gives you both of them, and you are ready to rock!!

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