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4 Ways To Look Stylish While Working Out

by Ally N 29 Dec 2021

Working out has been a trend in the past few years, with all celebrities and popular faces including it in their routine. Following them and their lifestyle, everyone wants to add a gym as a daily routine to fit in. Being in a trend that affects your whole lifestyle includes so much such as diet, schedule, physical changes and so much that needs to be coped up with. 

One of these is your gym wear, the hot workout look! Since that is so much hype, even online sportswear shops and brands are working in bringing in the glam for the gym. 

Here are some simple tips for you to notch up your fitness style.


1. Pair Up The Basics

You can never get short outfits if you know how to use basics. You can get a number of fits pairing leggings with almost every top and designer sports bras, it will no doubt be a hit. Similarly, with the sports bra, it goes fine with almost every bottom you own, you can throw a loose tank top with a sports bra in with sweats, it works just fine for a abs or upper body workout. 

One thing while pairing up the fits you need to be careful about is the utility. You need to be aware of the routine for the day to know you made the right choice for the time. Since the most important feature of workout clothes has to be their utility, you cannot rule it out. 

For example, if you are up for a thigh routine, go for shorts, but mind the waist, for abs sports bras will do the best. 


2. Color Palette

Every place has a mood, and that is reflected with a particular color palette. The gym is more about basic and strong shades, similar to the patterns. Need to give your base of the outfit a basic color, not if for the whole fit. Like if you are on high waist leggings and crop tops, go for a dark shade with leggings and a lighter one for the top. In majorly we make a pair with lower covering the larger half of our body. That’s because securing your waist with high waists is quite important and also supports your abdomen muscles, and gives you a better shape. Thus pick darker shades for the lower you buy and have a wider range always. 


3. The Fit

Mind the size and fit according to your body. One of the most flawed notions about activewear is that they are supposed to be tight. Well, that’s just a false statement but can even harm you in many ways. Fitness yoga wear or activewear or any workout gear for sure needs to be fit but not tight. Every single one of them has its utility and thus the size and fit need to be taken care of. Most activewear apparels are designed to support your muscles, thus fitting you with the skin, others are slightly loose to let the skin breathe and pass the air. Also, every single piece of clothing is designed to fit in a manner, otherwise will never suit the body. To use it in the right way and to bring out the perfect look, it’s important that you know the size and chooses the right fit. 


4. Be You 

Any style the brings out your personality is the best style. You don’t need to be another person in the crowd, since you and your choices are unique. You are meant to be a stand-out, then why fit in? You know the utilities of every piece and how to pick them, now you can bring out your essence in your outfit, and that’s the best look you can carry!

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