For us, happiness and joy are more than just words. They represent a way of life and the way we perceive the world and our interactions within it. The Schaad idea is to live a meaningful existence in all that we do and accomplish. This is why we design our activewear for every body type. In a nutshell, Schaad is a lifestyle.


Keeps You Comfortable.

Wearing activewear during exercise has several advantages, such as providing comfort while exercising, reducing pain, edema, and cramps after a strenuous workout, and allowing you to stay cool and dry throughout the day due to its moisture-wicking and breathability.



Your performance while exercising is directly influenced by your confidence. Your fitness gym wear is always an addition to your self-confidence and, as a result, to your exercise motivation. Psychological effects of your wardrobe extend beyond the gym; it also works in other situations where we care about how we look and whether we're dressed formally or informally.


Gets You Moving!

Yes, the clothing you wear while working out not only helps you perform better but also gets you started on your workout. This is a reality: when you put on these specific garments, your mind will begin the process of entering into the character for your session. It will remind you that you are now prepared to exercise and have a specified goal to accomplish


Good For You And The Planet!

Schaad's goal is to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly goods. Our company ethos emphasizes the use of eco-friendly textiles. It's the only way to wear sports gear!

In summary, Schaad is an activewear brand that offers high-quality clothing for your workout. We are inspired by the desire to live a motivated and meaningful existence through our designs, which includes making them comfortable, confident, motivational, and environmentally friendly! Shop now!