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4 Reasons Why Women Should Wear Workout Clothes When They Exercise

by Ally N 18 Oct 2021

There are many things that one needs to take care of while working out, the posture and form of the exercise, your hydration level and so much more. One of that list is your workout clothes, yes that might surprise you. Every single thing you wear to workout matters a lot, and counts in recovery and muscle support. Clothes during workout is more than about fashion, and that’s something really needed to be noted while starting your workout journey. There are so many factors that may harm you or make great progress during exercise, depending on how you choose your outfit for the session. To dig in more, here are some points to clear it out a bit. 

It’s your Armour!

Activewear works as protective gears as well, along with enhancing your appearance. While working out our body is prone to many injuries, muscular and internal, the specific gears are used to protect you from them. For better understanding, let us look at sports bras and it’s needs. Breasts are prone to sagging, soreness, pain and loosening or tearing of tissues, due to continuous jumping and movements. High impact sports bra is suggested to secure your breast musclesand tissues, supported through compression and encapsulation. The size and body types require different bras, compression bras, encapsulated bras and fusion of both of these. Other than bras, most of the compression activewear apparel provides support and protection against overheating, impact and strains. Other than protecting you under your skin, gears help you protect you from outer physical factors such as weather. Insulation jackets and sweatshirts help you from cooling down your muscles too early or between workout sessions, similarly semi fit tank tops help you dry the sweat, providing your skin breathability in summers.  

It has deeper impacts!

Other than your comfort and style, clothes you wear while working out affects your inner physical processes. It has a part to play in your blood circulation, affects your workout performance and saves you from discomfort, low impact and fatigue, know how!

Special wear are specialized clothes, designed for particular activity, it helps to maintain your blood circulation. It supports the muscle or body part targeted in the workout along with stimulating oxygen flow enhancing speed for muscle recovery between workout itself. It also decreases risk of muscle fatigue and cramps, while improving flow of nutrients such as minerals through blood. Speed up recovery and protection enables you to increase your workout impact through better performance and elongated stamina and muscle health. 

Comfort is the king!

One of the foremost requirements of activewear apparel in workout sessions is to provide comfort and ease while different intensity programs and workout patterns. Any cloth that discomforts you, does not only lowers your ease of working out, but also makes you prone to injuries, resulting in sense or lethargicness, ending the session sooner, unable to perform till your full capacity and lowering workout impact on your body. Discomfort can be associated with sweat soaking of clothes, making you feel damp, uncomfortable and heavy during high intensity workout, which can raise your body temperature as well. Another possibility is to experience lack of flexibility, restricting you from stretching your muscles and attaining the exact position one needs for yoga or pilates sessions. To prevent these, breathable fabrics are suggested to be worn during high intensity workout sessions, such as XT Air ICE and XT Air. These sweat wicking fabrics keep you dry and comfortable, providing breathability and drying of sweat sooner. This also regulates your body temperature adding on to your performance. Fabrics like spandex, lycra and similar flexible and elastic variations allow you to move according to your own comfort and workout demands. 

It can be your motivator!

Your performance is directly linked to your confidence while working out. Your outfit is always an add-on to your confidence and eventually motivation for working out harder. Your clothes have psychological effects on you, not only restricted to the gym, this works everywhere one goes. We care about how we look, how formal or casual we are dressed, and eventually affecting our confidence to show up at the place. Similarly, while working out one needs to feel confident enough to perform the exercise without hesitation, with proper concentration, and in proper form, as required. Stretches, weight lifting, and Zumba sessions are sessions where clothes can bother you the most, while jumping, stretching, or pumping up your muscles through heavy weight lifting sessions, fears related to clothing, their capabilities of proper stretches and support may make you feel under confident and uncomfortable while performing the particular exercise. Here gym top and leggings set, compression leggings, yoga pants, and women fitness bra play their role to motivate you, make you feel confident letting you move as freely as you want.

So as a sum up, activewear are protective gears, appropriate for workout sessions, provide you health benefits, and cherry on top, looks super trendy and cool. Do we need any more reasons to get them? 



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