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10 Workout Outfits That'll Turn You Into a Gym-Fluencer

by Ally N 15 Dec 2021

Getting ready for the gym has so many things to keep up with. The perfect workout has so many definitions, but all of them for sure have two things in common, support and fashion. Now while we carry activewear, it gets quite tricky to pick the perfect blend of these two, and I know you must have wandered around a sportswear store to find one too. To make it a bit easier, here we are with a list of ten outfits to clear your vision a little and turn you into a gym-fluencer. 

1. Cord Sets

Cord sets are the easiest way to maintain comfort along with being the fashionista of the floor. Cord sets always work out, even outside the gym, you can totally carry them be it your sports bra and yoga pants or sweats. They bring out a coordinated look, not much experimented but aligned in the same vibe, same color, and mood. What must be taken care of are the patterns and color chosen. A cord set can be subtle, or dramatic depending on the color and pattern it has, too loud colors or bold patterns may make it seem unnecessarily dramatic!

women's sportswear outfits usa

2. Straps, Cutouts, and Yoga Pants

On the back workout day, after a heavy session of lifting weights and training, why wouldn’t you like to flaunt your pumped-up muscles with the cute cutouts and strapped bra! They are an amazing way to flaunt yet cover-up, being sporty and sexy altogether. The yoga pants are a perfect fit to your strapped sports bra, sweats or joggers may not fit in that well. There are different patterns, more preferably, the lower portion of the outfit must be darker and the base color of the outfit. You can add a little life in the bra, light moods and colors get liberty with the dark bases. 

best sports bras usa

3. Gym Shorts

Cute biker shorts are a popular, cool, and stylish way to carry yourself to the gym, especially on leg workout days. You can pair up tank tops, semi-fit racerbacks, or full sleeves gym tops. While choosing the shorts you need to mind certain things that are important, the fabric and fit. While we take care of fabrics in workout clothes, choosing the very appropriate fabric in workout shorts is even more important, prefer polyester, double-layered shorts to make it cooler and more comfortable to rock on!

gym leggings for women usa

4. Leggings! Leggings! Leggings! 

Leggings are most versatile yet stylish to carry to not just the gym but actually, anywhere you want. You can wear it with almost anything, from long sleeve shirts & tops to sports bras, hoodies to tight workout tops. You can actually pair it with all your workout sessions, be it high-intensity weight lifting or just a home workout. Suggestively, choose darker colors to base your outfit on the leggings. 

ladies workout leggings 

5. Tank tops

Tank tops are more common for low-intensity workouts but can be paired with sports bras to work on high-intensity sessions. A pair of yoga pants, a sports bra, and a racerback tank top will make up your shoulder and bicep day a big hit. 

racerback womens tank tops

6. Yoga Pants, And Anything You Like

Yoga pants are suitable with everything you own in your closet. Sports bra, active bottoms, tank tops, workout tops, sweatshirts, hoodies, insulation jackets, everything. You can change the lengths for bringing out something new and if you feel your legs are short, short leggings will make them look longer.

best place to buy yoga pants 

7. Sweatpants And Tank Tops 

Heading towards a low-intensity session, putting on a pair of sweatpants and tank top with built in underwire bra will suit the mood. You can put on insulation jackets or a loose hoodie if it’s cold outside and can stand alone as well. Also, you can try pairing up with your running tops to have the same mood in a different manner. 

usa tank top womens  

8. Full Sleeves With Full Length Leggings

All covered up, especially all black covered up outfit is not a new approach, but surely a classic one. It gives a subtle more intense look. Mostly the look is carried out with crop tops and high waist leggings, with a little midriff exposure which is the right way too. It’s different then cord sets in the mood and in the manner it is carried, also cord sets have something or another to relate the two pieces together, which this pairing lacks, and makes it stand out. 

women's sportswear outfits usa 

9. Sweatshirts with yoga pants

Sweatshirt with yoga pants, a classic combo to pull off during winters. The crop sweats are more preferred and liked with a sports bra that fits, to pass air and breathability while maintaining the support. Ladies active wear jackets can also be considered in the same mood, the layers keep you warm, while the little space between keeps the air passage in check. 

sweatshirts for women

10. Try Mesh Inserts

The meshed patterns make it a good outfit choice while keeping it breathable, especially with bras. You may find it difficult to get meshed patterns, better buy sports bra online. You have got far more variety and better designs there.
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