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10 Effective Tips to Boost Your Energy and Feel Rejuvenated All Day Long

by Ally N 24 Aug 2021

With time and age, stress increases in our life and we often feel lethargic. This makes us feel physically and emotionally dragged. The good news is that there are a variety of efficient ways to boost our energy and rejuvenate our body & mind in order to go through the daily tasks.

Are you one of those who feel tired of being tired all day? Do you want to recapture the energy of your youth?

In this blog, we have rounded up 10 effective tips that can help you boost your energy and feel rejuvenated all day long.

1.Balance Your Breakfast

Eating a balanced diet containing complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein guarantees that your energy is released slowly throughout the day, and there's no better time to do so than first thing in the morning.

Balanced breakfast fuels your body and the brain. A breakfast (unbalanced) having only carbohydrates may cause you to collapse and crave sugar a few hours later after breakfast, a more balanced breakfast will keep you going until noon.

2.Eat Every 3 To 4 Hours

People who eat every 3-4 hours or so during the day feel more energetic than those who keep a long gap in their breakfast, meals and brunch. Going too long without eating (if you tend to skip breakfast or lunch) can cause a dip in energy.

An average person should eat every three to four hours. Of course, the frequency of eating varies from person to person. To find the best method to space out your food, you should pay attention to your own hunger and fullness cues.

If you love to stay fit and do gymming, running and any other active activities then you might find yourself hungry more often. A person who engages in more physical activity may require more frequent eating, such as every two to three hours.

3.Stay Hydrated - Drink, Drink, Drink

Inadequate fluid can cause our heart to work harder to support blood flow and this can be the reason behind body fatigue.

Dehydration disturbs metabolism and the delivery of nutrients throughout the body, preventing us feeling our best and most energised.

Even the tiniest amount of dehydration can lower our energy level. Urine color tells us a lot about our health. If your urine is clear in color and you feel the need to urinate every few hours during the day, it is cue that you are well hydrated.

4.Get Adequate Sleep

Experts say that adequate sleep and good-quality sleep is crucial to maintaining energy levels.

There is some research to support that inadequate sleep can increase insulin resistance and this can lead to insomnia. The result of not getting enough sleep can cause glucose metabolism to slow down and energy levels to drop during the day, which may lead us to eat more to keep our energy levels up.

For the average person, adequate sleep is seven to nine hours; however, competitive athletes, such as adolescent athletes who take part in heavy training are extremely active, may require an additional two hours of sleep to promote recuperation.

5.Lighten Your Load

Overwork is one of the main causes of fatigue. Professional, family, and social obligations can all contribute to overwork. Try to reduce the number of "must-do" activities on your to-do list. Make a list of the most important tasks and prioritise them. Remove the ones that aren't as crucial. If you require additional assistance at work, consider asking for it.

6. Use Caffeine To Your Advantage

Caffeine helps to boost energy if used in limited amounts, so a cup of coffee can help you sharpen your mind. To gain the energetic effects of caffeine, you must use it wisely. If ingested in excessive amounts, it can cause insomnia.

7.Engage In Self-Care

Physical and emotional/psychological energies are the two sources of energy.
Determine whether you require a physical or emotional boost before reaching for the afternoon meal.

If you just finished up a hard meeting or grounding the kids, food alone won't provide the energy boost you need, but self-care might. By engaging in an activity that resets negative energy can assist balance those energy requirements."

Go for a quick walk outside for fresh air, practice some deep breathing exercises, or a quick dance session.

8.Manage Stress Levels

Stress depletes the basic nutrients from your body which helps in creating energy.
Yoga is known as one of the oldest and effective practices of self-development. It is a proven method to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep and provide a number of other physical and mental health benefits.

There are even a number online Yoga classes which are designed to help you make yoga and meditation part of your daily routine. Yoga wear also plays an important role while practicing it. Some yoga poses need flexible movement of the body and it is difficult to perform those without wearing the right kind of fitness clothing & activewear. You should always opt for activewear that's not too loose and not too tight, comfy but stylish, breathable, and supportive. It will not only boost your confidence but will also enhance the flexibility of your body.

Your phone is another source which induces stress. To entirely detach from work and other stresses, leave your phone at your desk during breaks and meals. If at all possible, avoid checking your phone during the day, or limit the times you do, to reduce the stress associated with phone calls, texts, and other distractions.

While it may seem impossible to disconnect from your work while at the workplace, de-stressing may be as simple as taking a short tea break from your desk or taking a few deep breaths. After work, you can fully relax by organising a get-together with friends, attending an exercise class, going for a quiet walk, or even attempting a new recipe. Do something that will make you forget how anxious you were in the first place.

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